WordPress Migration: Top Tools and Plugins

There are times when you decide to migrate your website either to change your web host or because of a change in domain, etc. Migrating your website is a critical process since even a small mistake can cause data loss, losing page rank in search results, etc. Therefore, as a site owner, it is important to create a strategic plan for the migration of your website and use the right plugins for migration. In this article, we will look at the top migration plugins for your WordPress website.


Duplicator, by SnapCreek, is a plugin which helps create backups and migrate your WP site with ease. It is available in free and paid versions, Duplicator allows you to duplicate/clone, backup, and migrate your website with no downtime. All the files including your database, plugins, themes, content, etc. are zipped and can be moved anywhere you want.

WP Migrate Database

WP Migrate DB, by Delicious Brains, is a WordPress migration plugin available in free and premium versions. It exports the WP-database as a MySQL data-dump, runs a find and replace on serialized data, and allows you to save the database as an SQL file on your local computer. You can then use a database management tool like phpMyAdmin to import and replace the existing database of your website.

The premium version includes priority email support, database push and pull, multisite tools, select tables and posts to migrate, and a host of other features.

UpDraftPlus Migrator Extension

UpdraftPlus is a single click, backup and restore, plugin for your WordPress website. You can schedule the backups and store it directly on the cloud. It is available in free and premium versions. A migrator extension is made available to users of the premium version which offers a simple way to migrate your WP site using the Updraft Plus dashboard.

All in One WP Migration

All in One WP Migration, by ServMask, is a drag-and-drop migration plugin which exports your complete WordPress website, including the database, content, plugins, themes, etc., and allows you to upload your website to a new location with ease. It does not support versions of WordPress prior to 3.3. It is an open-source plugin with some premium extensions allowing you to migrate WordPress to Cloud Storage Services like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.


VaultPress by Automattic, which is now a part of Jetpack, is basically a plugin for backup and security. It is available in free and premium versions. In the free version, you can backup and secure your website by running regular security scans. VaultPress offers site migration as a part of its premium plans. Since it is an effective backup plugin, all you have to do is select the tool ‘Restore to a Different Site’ and follow the steps to migrate your WP website to a new location.


While these tools can help you with WordPress migration, employing the right WordPress Hosting services can help make the entire process smoother. Look for a hosting provider who offers free and dedicated migration assistance to help you overcome any roadblocks along your way. Further, a good WP host also ensures that your core, plugins, and tools are updated and the WP-database is optimized for the best performance. Create a solid migration plan, get a good host, and accumulate the right tools – migrating your WP website can be an easy process. Good Luck!