Why WordPress is better than Joomla?

Picking the right CMS is important because eventually, it’s going to have huge repercussions for your site. Fortunately, lots of them are available and they have their own pros and cons. If you take votes from different people regarding which CMS to choose, most of them will recommend WordPress. Some might also name Joomla. The popularity of WordPress has taken the world by storm but that shouldn’t be the sole reasons why you choose it.

This article will serve as a comparison between WordPress and Joomla to help you pick the right CMS for your website. Joomla is basically a portal or a community-like website and WordPress is more like a blog. Both these platforms are open source software and they are primarily written in PHP. The thing is, depending on the type of website you need for your business, WordPress maybe a better choice than Joomla. Here is why:

Search Engine Optimization

Joomla has a slight edge when it comes to Search Engine Optimization capabilities. The user can set keywords and Meta descriptions accordingly. The SEO capabilities are not that apparent on both systems unless you use the extensions or plugins designed for this. WordPress uses the Yoast SEO plugin. This plugin tells you how to improve the score and the readability of each post.

Joomla, on the other hand, uses Easy Fronted SEO that lets you edit your Meta descriptions and make other necessary changes for SEO, but it doesn’t offer as much possibilities as Yoast SEO.


As WordPress is a popular CMS, a lot of attackers have been targeting its security vulnerabilities. The problem is WordPress does not offer basic features like SSL connection on the dashboard or 2FA. For most security features, you have to rely on plugins, which makes the security weak. Joomla, on the other hand, ships SSL and 2FA. It also offers plenty of security extensions to make your website secure.


WordPress offers you a whole variety of themes depending on the type of your website. You can even use the third-party themes and activate them on WordPress. If you want to make your website look more professional, then you can always go for WordPress premium themes. Most of these themes are SEO friendly. On top of that, there are multiple plugins that can help you customize your website.

Joomla also offers a variety of themes but they are not as good as that of WordPress. Their theme quality is not that rich. You have to manually search and install the template, which can be time-consuming.


In WordPress, you are offered plugins to customize your site and in Joomla, you are offered extensions. If you are looking for comprehensive customization, WordPress has a variety of plugins to offer.

You will a variety of themes to choose from WordPress and even customize them according to your personal style. High level of support is also available via the online community as and when needed. Joomla, on the other hand, has a limited number of templates that may or may not go with the style of your website and hence you will be pretty much stuck with the limited options.

Content management

Both CMSs let the user create and manage any type of site. WordPress is mostly chosen for creating simple blogs, landing pages and even complex sites. Joomla may be a little complex but its documentation is great. You can create anything with Joomla but the only problem is users with no proper experience in web development will not be able to handle it.

Managing and creating content on WordPress is relatively easy. You just have to install the platform, and you can readily start creating posts and pages. And no, you don’t need prior experience in web development. After watching a few tutorials, you will be ready to customize and manage the content on your website.  Plus, as mentioned above, WordPress support is great so you can get in touch with other people if you come across any issue or need help with something.


It is pretty clear that WordPress is a better content management system than Joomla when it comes to customization, content management, SEO etc. It may not be as secure as Joomla but if you use the right plugins for security, your website will be good to go. Lots of new users pick WordPress because it is easy to use and you can too. We recommend you to list down the features you want in your website, do a comparison and then opt for the best CMS.