Why is WHMCS crucial for your web hosting business?

Why is WHMCS crucial for your web hosting business?

In the business of reselling, you would come across the need to manage orders, collect payments and keep track of your clients. You do all of this taking the help of spreadsheets or standalone software suites that require manual entry. However, this process is a bit tiresome and consumes a considerable amount of time. Here is where the concept of WHMCS comes into the picture. If you are not sure about the term, let me help you out. 

What is WHMCS?

For organizations that run an online business, WHMCS is the one-stop solution for client management needs. Factually, WHMCS is regarded as a tool that controls and manages round the clock operations of an online business. From sign-up to billing and payment collection, WHMCS is a powerful solution of web hosting that induces total automation. 

Features of WHMCS

WHMCS emphasizes on web hosting services offering support to a plethora of organizing and management functionalities. All of the features as given by WHMCS includes: 

  • Managing control panel operations
  • Automation of billing and payment collection
  • Set up accounts of new clients and monitor them
  • Added support for client issues and consolidating communication. 
  • Streamlined hosting experience

Why WHMCS Important For Web Reseller Hosting

If you are looking for a Web Reseller Hosting, the one name that always pops on the screen is WHMCS. Experts opine this hosting service to make life easier for the entrepreneur in the sense that it automates the majority of the management tasks. 

But have you ever thought why WHMCS or what makes WHMCS the first choice of Web Hosting Reseller? If not, then let’s have a look at the different aspects of WHMCS that make it crucial for your Web Reseller Hosting business?

1. Eliminate Manual Work

WHMCS is proven to reduce the time taken in billing and payment collection by automating such tasks on the go. 

2. Performs Hosting-Specific Services

It is not just the automation induced by WHMCS that turns it an ideal choice for Web Reseller Hosting. WHMCS hosts an array of additional services that give your clients extended autonomy. These include setting up a new account to monitor and manage accounts of your existing clients, enabling all communication under a single head and extend support to tickets raised by the client. 

3. Compatible With Control Panels

WHMCS adds another layer of flexibility by rendering support to the different kinds of control panels along with the various service providers. From cPanel to Plesk, Enom and many others, WHMCS is compatible with all. 

The Final Word

Having said all of the above, WHMCS happens to be one of the best hosting services, given that you are about to step in the industry of Web Reseller Hosting. For every reseller, WHMCS emerges as a one-stop client management solution, addressing the need for optimizing online business operations. Though the pricing of the hosting service might seem a bit high, considering the benefits laid by the same, it’s worth paying. Different service providers have different pricing plans. While there are a few, who offer free licensing with the plugin as add-ons, some charge a fee for all of the services. In order to make the most of the hosting service, choose a service provider that suits best your needs and automate on the go.