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Tricks Identifying Silver Jewelry before Purchasing

Silver jewelry is one of the most precious fashionable jewelry in the world with a lower price tag than gold and platinum which makes it more popular among the valuable jewelry in the world and also it is promising since its elegance doesn’t run out of fashion as well as retaining its value. It is easy to start selling silver due to the large untapped market by selling some of your spare silver jewelry to become a full-time job in the future but before then there are a number of considerations that you should ensure that you have in mind so as you can do it right.

It is important to have relevant information about silver in all its different forms so as to have the necessary tips when valuing and selling the silver where these information is available on gold and silver dealers magazines as well as blogs run by dealers in the industry where you can easily learn about silver jewelry itself, learn about the buying means involved in selling silver and tips about the scrap dealing market. To ensure that you buy a legitimate jewelry ensure that you purchase it at a dealer who has a return policy if the jewelry does not meet your expectations or is in unpleasant state also it is important to visit silver jewelry store so as to gain insights on legitimate silver items and also auctions so as to learn the different types of silver in the market.

The difference of silver jewelry is identified by the different compositions thus it is important to identify the quantity of silver that composes the jewelry by checking at the hallmark of the jewelry but also it is important to know that you will never come across a silver jewelry that is 100 percent silver. By using a magnification glass you can examine a silver jewelry to ensure that it does not have some peeling of the outer coat which can be an indicator that the jewelry is either made of copper or brass but coated with silver metal. Also when you are purchasing silver jewelry ensure you have a magnet with you, silver is not attracted by a magnet so if the jewelry gets attracted you can be certain it’s not made of silver but also these method should not be relied entirely since there are other metals that are not attracted by a magnet.

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