What Elements that are Needed in Web Design

Consciously or not, web design is the first meeting between readers and us. Web design is the first thing that readers see. The better the impression gained, then our content will have a higher chance of reaching the reader. Not only that, the appearance of the website also affects SEO. the ranking we will get will be even higher. if the look of our website is getting SEO friendly.

You don’t need to be good at designing the web or good at coding to make the web look attractive and SEO friendly. All you have to do is make sure that on your website you have important elements that we will discuss below:

Important Elements of Web Design

Web design, like fashion, always changes with the times. There are some new trends for web design, even some essential elements in it don’t change much. But it does not mean new trends are always better. Some people are still using the trend of the past few years. Well, it is your choice using which trends that can be better to be used for your own website.

The LinkHelpers Web Design element is not only to make the web look beautiful, but also to make it easier for readers and Google Crawlers to explore our web. Which by beautify your website, you will increase user experience too.

  1. Element Layout

To make it easier for readers to understand the information flow of a website, you must consider your layout and the location of each design elements that are made. Which means you need to pay attention to balance of every element that you made and put into your website.

  1. White Space Elements

The function of white space is to help the human eye the regulate data. For those who still learning and not familiar with the design terms, white space means an empty space (blank space) between one element from another. A website is a space that contains various information, which can be processed properly by the eyes of the reader, so the free space functions as a pause.

  1. Color Choice Elements

Websites not canvas contain abstract paintings, we are conveying information to readers, not distracting their eyes. The most important thing about a website is content, so that the background color you use is more crowded than the content itself.

Color also affects the psychology of readers, creates mood, and even infiltrates the subconscious. Color, can convey its own symbol even without text. That’s why color selection is one of the important elements of web design.

  1. Navigation elements

Navigation is like a plan or roadmap that makes it easy for readers to search for whatever content or product category they want. Place navigation in a place that is easy to find, also select a form of navigation that is easy to use so that the reader feels at home for a long time.

  1. Page Elements “About Me / Us”

If you are not a large company, do not have a specific type of business, are engaged in a completely new business, or are not very famous website owners, the “About Me / Us” page has several functions:

  • Introducing yourself / company.
  • Introduce the services / products you have.
  • Specify specifically the fields you are involved in.

The contact page influences the authority. Readers and clients must certainly know whether the site they are visiting is actually managed by a company or a native person, not fictitious. The contact page also makes it easier for them to contact us. Because frankly, someone who is difficult to contact is often frustrating.