Use of Attractive Animation in Website Design

A website with a good and interesting appearance of animation is a fun thing. When used correctly, animation can provide a lively and interactive impression, adding an additional layer to enhance the experience of the website user.

Currently, more and more websites are using animation, both in the form of GIF, SVG, WebGL, background videos and so on. And the animation itself can be used in several functions which are part of the website.

·       Animation Loading

One of the oldest uses of animation on website design is to distract users when waiting for your website to run / load. Animation can affect your users’ perceptions of your product technology, can make it look better than it really is. Your users also have something fun to watch while waiting for your website to open.

Animation loading is better if simple. Forget the extra effects like sounds or strange designs. Animation must be in accordance with the personality of the site itself, whether it is fun cartoon animation, or elegant and professional animation.

·        Hover

The hover animation is very practical to convey an interactive element. When a user will click on a link / link on your web and when the cursor is above the link but the user has not clicked, the color of the link will change, other than the original color, the text moves, appears or shifts, the cursor hovers over the link and the link changes.

A sign that the button or text can be clicked on so that it causes a floating effect, the function of the element must be clearly visible. Making users tend to move the mouse over that function, and make the animation float quite intuitively.

·       Gallery and slideshow

Animated galleries and slideshows show multiple images without disturbing users. How fast and how many cycles of images can be displayed. But the time taken from one image change to another must be right. Not too long or not too fast.

Galleries and slideshows are very easy and good things for users to see because they naturally mimic the function of a photo album. But this should not be used too much, minimizing the actual design from the slider or gallery, then making sure the images appear 5-9 seconds each.

The explanation above is only part of the animation that you can use for your website. And there are many other animations that you can try. And to create a website like that is not easy and requires a little extra effort to think about it. But you don’t need to worry because LinkHelpers Web Design Scottsdale is ready to help you to realize your dream website.