Top SEO Software You Should Know About

As a web designer, SEO is always going to be on the top of your priority list. Effective SEO strategies will help your business rank higher in search engine queries which means that customers can easily locate your website. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes, would you choose a website on the first page of the search engine results or on the second page? The answer is quite simple. However, ranking high on search engine platforms is not an easy task as there are many different factors which come into play.

Most companies have a lot of trouble implementing SEO strategies due to its intricate and diverse nature. Each strategy has to be introduced with impeccable attention to detail as there are a plethora of different aspects which need to be taken into consideration. To make this possible, we have articulated a list of tools to help you rank high on every search engine platform. This list is as follows,

Moz Pro 

This tool was launched in 2004 and since then has become one of the most widely used SEO tools in the market. Moz pro has been brilliantly engineered to perfection as it offers an array of different features, some of these features are mentioned below.

  • Finding crawlability issues on your website
  • Tracking keywords
  • Assisting with link building
  • Evaluation of links

This list is just a glimpse into the endless features and applications that Moz Pro provides. Rest assured, this tool is offered at exciting packages and is available for any website type.


It is simply not possible for anyone to talk about SEO without mentioning the renowned SEMrush, this tool was launched back in 2008 and is still being used all around the world till date. They have a client base of over one million and many power house companies such as Amazon, Forbes and Disney use this tool to enhance their SEO reach. Some of the features of this tool are mentioned below.

  • Will identify your Google rankings and provide recommendations
  • Backlink audits
  • Content insight
  • Engagement data

Although SEMrush is expensive there is no doubt that this tools is worth every penny, consider subscribing for the monthly program as it is offered at a more cost effective rate.


If you are looking for a tool which provides an extensive list of features and applications, then you should consider Web CEO. One of the most profound features of this tool is the keyword suggestion as it provides businesses with the unique ability to localize their respective rankings, this is a prerequisite for businesses who only provide products or services to a local market. Some of the features are as follows,

  • Content submission tool (Extremely beneficial)
  • Link building tools
  • Link audit
  • Website analysis
  • Internal link building
  • Keyword mapping

The good news is that Web CEO offers a 30-day trial which is enough time for people to realize just how powerful this SEO software really is. Most companies use this to streamline their link building strategies as it provides immense insight regarding the authority of each link and its overall reach. 

Rank tracker

Rank tracker is currently one of the most widely used SEO software in the market, since it was launched this tool has established itself as one of the most effective and versatile software in the industry today.  This software was designed to help businesses track the performances of websites which are similar to your site, yes it allows you to find out your competitor’s strength and capitalize on them. However, this tool does has have some limitations which are worth mentioning

  • Does not provide link building opportunities
  • Content analysis
  • Backlink audit 

Even though this tool does have many limitations, it is still very effective if you want to focus on your search engine rankings.


LinkLifting has made our list due to its profound efficiency in helping businesses improve their respective search engine rankings by a substantial margin. This software is offered with a fully managed service, yes this means that LinkLifting will not only provide you with a SEO platform but will integrate with your marketing team to deliver tangible results in seamless fashion.

Furthermore, this software is quite simple to use, all you have to do is enter your website, target SEO keywords or relevant phrases and the system will automatically suggest backlink opportunities to help enhance your websites authenticity.  

Google Search Console

Another powerful SEO software which has completely changed SEO practices around the world is the Google Search Console. This is offered free to everyone and it boasts many different features which can help a business monitor and report a websites performance. Some of the most profound features of the Google Search Console are as follows

  • Provides index analysis
  • Crawling analysis
  • Optimize your site
  • Provide detailed insight

SEO Powersuite

This SEO Powersuite is a powerful combination of a variety of different SEO tools including, Website Auditor, SEO SpyGlass, Rank Tracker and Link assistant. These tools will allow your business to organize essential components of your SEO strategy and is the perfect resource for building links.

This software has become an instant hit in the market as it provides detailed insight regarding a variety of different SEO aspects. This detailed insight will help your business streamline your strategies to perfection.


If you want to take your search engine optimization in your hands then consider using the Web CEO as this is probably the most user friendly software available in the market today. Most power house companies are using this tool to gain insight on their competitors SEO strategies to emulate these strategies to their own advantage.

Web CEO will also optimize your keywords and help you manage your backlinks to help you increase your sites traffic ratio and authenticity.

Raven Tools

If you are looking for a software which can help you create white label SEO statistics and reports for customers, then consider using Raven Tools. This software provides a variety of different features which allows businesses to research, monitor and optimize their SEO strategies to perfection.

However, the most profound feature of this software its reporting capabilities which can be used for a SEO audit checks and can simultaneously keep track of your progress on social media platforms to ensure complete transparency of your SEO efforts.

So if you are currently ranking low on search engine platforms, consider investing in one of the software mentioned above. Rest assured, these tools have been designed to help businesses revamp their website and search engine results. Find the right software for your business and start using it as soon as possible, results will slowly come with time.