Tips to Make Your Website Attractive

Using a website as a platform is a must if you want doing business in the digital world, just like you want to sit, surely you will sit in the best flip chair. If you don’t have a website, now it’s the right time to create it. But in creating a website, you have to keep in your mind that you must not create a mediocre website because it is not good for your business. Imagine web visitors who come and see your mediocre website, what will they think? They will think your website is ordinary, cheap, hideous, ugly, etc. And their thinking will affect image of your brand. In short, you must create a good website that can impress and effectively communicate your message to web visitors.

If you don’t know how to create an attractive website, don’t worry because there are two solutions for this problem. First, you can take a look at other websites that have the same business or not so you have an image of the website that you want to make. Still confused? You can take a look of Web Design Brisbane as an example. It is a very attractive website. You can also ask them to design and develop your website so your website can look attractive like theirs. And second, you can read tips on how to make your website design attractive and informative below:

Don’t Over-design Your Home Page

Don’t chase away web visitors with excessive text and graphic on your home page. Why? Remember that home page is like a “door” to your website. If your “door” is over-decorated, the door will look strange rather than attractive. A simple “door” with the right touch can trigger web visitor to explore more. So, don’t be afraid of white space, just make the home page simple and clean with the right graphics so web visitors can easily open and focus to the message of your website.

Make your Navigation Menu Simple

Want to create a unique website? Okay, that is fine but don’t do anything to your navigation menu design and name. Navigation menu is very important because it will help web visitors navigate in your website so just design and name it simple and easy to understand. Don’t get tempted to make it totally different from other websites.

Choose Right Color Schemes

Every brand has its own color to describe the value of its brand. It should be the same for your brand. You can use the brand color for your website design but it will look monotone. To make it unique, you can mix other colors with the brand color. For this, you need to know right color schemes so the color of your website is not too much. How to find the right color schemes? You can see example of color scheme or try using color schemes generator.

Create Easy to Understand Content

Create contents with right portion. It will be good if you can create content that focus on what you want to convey. Just create contents that are needed to be there and nothing more. And please use an easy read font and margin.

Use Image to Attract People and Highlight Your Points

Image can help improving engagement with web visitors. Besides that it helps you highlight your point so web visitors will be faster and easier to understand what you want to convey. So don’t arbitrarily choose images because it’s interesting, but choose image that convey your message. And please, use image with high quality to give a good user-experience for both mobile and desktop website versions.

Consider these 5 tips to help you create an attractive website. Have fun!