Tips to Improve Your Homepage Design

As a website owner, you should take care of the backend and frontend aspects of your website, choosing the best hosting service – whether it’s a VPS hosting, Linux, Windows or WordPress hosting as well as getting the right domain name. However, another important aspect that contributes to your website success is the web design especially of your front page. This is the first thing that visitors see when they’ve landed on your site thus, your homepage must impress them so they stay and eventually subscribe or purchase products or services that you offer.

Here are some tips to help improve the design of your homepage to attract more visitors and sales eventually.

Tip 1: Keep it clean and simple

You only have around one minute to get the attention of your visitors. So it is best to present your homepage in a simple but compelling way. You do not want to confuse them with too many words, graphics and most especially ads. Thus, it is advisable to remove clutter and make your homepage look neat and simple. When they see your page, they should immediately tell what the site is about and what to do next. Also, make sure that your site is easy to navigate.

Tip 2: Use short sentences

Keep your sentences short and concise. You should not put long paragraphs in your homepage. You cannot expect visitors to patiently read 500 words or more, especially when they are just new to your site. It is best practice to come up with striking message that will grab their curiosity and attention – something that they can read in just a glance.

Tip 3: Make it responsive for mobile and other devices

It is very important to make your website design responsive so it can cater to all users with different devices whether computer, mobile phone, tablet and other devices. If you will be using heavy graphics, then be sure that the design is responsive and not distorted when viewed using mobile device.

Tip 4: Make it dynamic and engaging

Another important consideration is making your homepage dynamic, interactive and engaging. To capture the attention of the viewers, you must engage through their emotions. You can ask a question that will make them think and answer. This way, you can hold off their attention. You can also use dynamic layouts to give visitors a quick tour about your products or services, about the company and what they can expect.

Tip 5: Place a formidable and appropriate Call-to-Action

Finally, be sure to strategically place a Call-to-Action or CTA button. After you introduced your website, capture their attention, you must then lead visitors to where you want them to be. Make your CTA buttons visible but not too “in your face” type.

These are some tips to help you improve the design of your homepage. Your main goal is to capture the attention of the visitors, so as much as possible you should do it in less than a minute through a compelling homepage that will give them what they need and convince them that they are on the right site.