The Dividing Line Between Web Design And Development Companies

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between web design and development companies? Although they can be different, the best way to think of them is as two sides of the same coin. Two different things that come together to make a one complete and useful product.

Web design: The attractive wrapping

Web design companies, or the designers in a company that fulfils both roles, are the beautifiers that make your website look good. In the same way that film stars have professionals apply their makeup, a web design company is the key to building an attractive website that will draw viewers in and hold their attention.

There is a lot more that goes into design than just a bit of Photoshop work though. Web design companies hire professional, well-trained designers who can understand and work with art. They need to understand viewer perceptions, the relevance of certain colours to certain industries and target markets, and even how to balance the proportions of the graphics used.

Designers also work with text, adding content into the graphics and even using html coding to make everything fit together. There is a lot of complicated and technical work that goes into design, along with some more vague and intuitive thought that goes into providing the very best product.

Web development: A complex, living organism

The other side of the coin, the web development company, is just as interesting and misunderstood. You may have heard people say that this is just a bit of coding and putting things in the right place, and that you could easily do the same job yourself for free with a template. While it is true that you could develop a website for free using templates, it is nowhere near the same as what you get from a website development company.

Website developers understand the complexities of the code behind a functioning website. They know how to turn the designer’s button images into working, moving objects. Where a template limits you to a few pre-set functionalities, developers are able to give you as much as you want or need, and they can adapt and adjust your site to suit you at any time.

This dynamic ability is what sets professional website development companies apart, because they do regular maintenance to ensure that your websites are always up to date. Should anything ever crash, they are on hand to fix whatever might have been disturbed by an update somewhere. You’d never know what went wrong, but the professionals can find it, and fix it, in a timely fashion.

So which should I use?

While there is a clear dividing line between web design and development companies, it is clear that you need both of these aspects for a great website. So make use of a combined web design and development company like Starbright. They make high-qualitywebsites regularly, so give them a call and get your own epicwebsite live on the net now!