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The Importance of Family Devotions

Joshua and his whole household have committed themselves to serving God. you will be able to read this in the book of Joshua in the Old Testament of the Bible. It was a day and time when the people of God had constantly turned their backs on Him but Joshua had remained faithful to serving God alone. And this stand made by Joshua for the sake of his household holds true for many Christian households today It is by means of regular family devotions that members of the family are united in their purpose of serving the Lord in their lives.

Our desire for our families is for the happiness of its members and we do not want any bad or negative influence affect its members. Unity and togetherness is something that families desire to have. It would be a blessing to have a family where everyone is a worshipper of Christ and delight in His word in the Bible. In these homes, the Bible teachings are followed and sin, according to how the Bible defines it, is not tolerated or taken lightly. These are homes that show the glory and the power of God. This is a home where everyone is aware that God is present at all times seeing what you are doing and what is the content of your heart.

A family that regularly sits under the teaching of the Bible can have this kind of home.

When we speak of family devotions, we are referring to a specific time set aside by family members to worship God and study His Word. There are those who call it Family Altar. Here all members of the family from the father, mother and all the children, including servants or extended family, talks about God and His Word.

The time for family devotions is solely determined by the family and there are no rules regarding it. There are families who prefer it in the first house of the and other prefer it before going to bed, and there are also those who hold it twice. When members of the family are busy, they should try to find the time when everyone is at home. Usually the father takes the lead in the devotions. After dinner family devotions are common since it is the time when family members are usually home. When it comes to deciding what is to be discussed, it is the father that does it.

Family devotions include activities depending on what your head decides. The usual activities done during family devotions include the singing of worship sons of hymns, discussion of the Bible, question and answer portions, and a portion where members pray for their family and other concerns. Anyone can participate in the discussion.

There are many benefits to having regular family devotions. In a regular Bible study, you will know Christ more and be able t trust Him more in your life. The relationship you have with your family will be stronger as a result of this. You can become a blessing to people in the world.

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