Practice this SEO Strategy & Technique on your Web.

The year has changed, there are many things that must be done as a businessman. More for those of you who are struggling with the online marketing business.

Indeed, there are many “sources of traffic” that we can and can get visitors. However, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) still gets a substantial portion. Because in terms of quality of traffic, SEO still has very good quality compared to other traffic sources.

Well, welcome 2019. We want to discuss some SEO strategies that you can practice. Knowing and practicing strategies early is a good and important step. You can take important steps before your competitors do.

Here are some SEO strategies & techniques that you can practice. If you can practice it consistently, maybe later you can dominate page 1 of google.

Use Voice Search

It was said, in 2017 the search for voice use reached 20% of all searches in the world. This means that the number of searches using mail is not small and there is a possibility that it will increase in the next few years. Especially in 2019.

Well, as an online businessman who uses Search Engine Optimization as a source of traffic it is certainly mandatory for us to learn it.

One of the tendencies of information seekers is to use complete questions to get information.


Because by using sound, they don’t need to be tired of typing words per word in the search box. Just say the question. And this is much easier for most people.

The keyword characteristics that are used using voice search are using sentence sentences using what words, who, why, where, when and how.

Optimize User Experience

As usual. Google still likes websites that have good user experience. The better the user experience of your website, the more likely your website gets better rankings on Google SERP.

Websites that have poor user experience such as loading too slow, messy navigation, too many confusing advertisements and websites, websites like this are very likely to drop rankings over time.

LinkHelpers SEO Phoenix as an SEO Consultant, for us this step is very important and should not be ignored. As great as any SEO Offset you do, but the user experience is bad. Then the ranking won’t last long. Because if you don’t want that to happen, we as SEO consultants are ready to help you.

But, one thing we must know and understand. The standard of user experience continues to rise from time to time. If in the past it was enough with a fast load website, now you also have to have a long time on site. Even continues to grow with the click of a link to another page. These factors will continue to grow and increase. So, make sure you don’t miss it.