Payment Schemes For Internet Marketing: An Overview

One of the many facets of internet marketing is the process of chatbot design. There are many ways that payments can be transacted and, yes, most of them are just a mouse click away. Here are some of the most common modes of payment for internet marketers (most of them give guarantee to both parties? The buyer and the seller):

Credit card payments? To be able to process credit card payments online, companies do require merchant accounts. One great requirement is a stocky bank security deposit (or deposits) and websites that are commerce-enabled and very secure. Looking at all these requirements, it is really? costly? to even think of the credit card payment mode. There are many advantages to using this mode of payment, though.

As the internet marketer, you are assured of payment plus you have all the other contact details that would lead you to your buyer (his name and credit card account number). Plus, credit card companies would always be there to back you up in your collection efforts.

E-commerce companies are companies that act as the third party between credit card companies and online businesses. To those businesses who cannot afford to make hefty sums of security deposits or even come up with merchant accounts, they are the God-given saviors. They will be the ones who would open up merchant accounts on behalf of the internet marketers and the internet marketers, in turn, pay some transactions fees for these services.

Most e-commerce companies even help in eliminating the development costs of putting up a website. Aside from these benefits, they are also able to offer secure and real-time processing of credit card transactions. And, of course, e-commerce companies are the ones that are deemed responsible for your account among the credit card companies.

Other services that these companies offer are security from fraudulent transactions; they also have the authority to reject any transaction when they see that there are duplicate entries, potentially fraudulent activities, or even errors on keying in of information.

Consumers of your products receive confirmation of their orders online (that is in about 10-15 seconds upon purchase) and the e-commerce companies are the ones who would notify the internet marketers on the approval. This would then cue the merchants (or online marketers) to go ahead and ship the goods (they do not get to see the credit card information, though).

If you really can?t afford to pay up for any type of credit card payment scheme, there other options that are proven to be equally safe for both buyers and sellers:

  1. PayPal? Is a payment network that is based on the internet. PayPal permits merchants (internet marketers) to accept credit card payment transactions and even lets consumers and businesses transfer money online from other PayPal accounts or their bank accounts. Payment is done on real time that is why as soon as the payment is received, the merchants can immediately have the goods shipped to the customer. Again, the merchant does not get to see the credit card account information of the client.
  2. HyperWallet is another great substitute to credit card processing. This is a Canadian-based company (specifically in Vancouver, B.C.) which permits consumers to pay in cash online using their bank accounts. The monetary forms that are accepted are only in Canadian and U.S. dollars. To be able to use HyperWallet, subscribers must have an e-wallet account.

Only then can are they able to transfer money from their e-wallet account to another e-wallet from a bank account. Once the customers get a hold of their wallet ID and cash in their e-wallets, they can immediately spend the cash on any online store or they can even send money to anyone in the world who has an e-mail address.

HyperWallet makes use of the bank reconciliation system. This system guarantees the full availability of merchant funds. If ever fraudulent transactions occur, these transactions are cancelled even before the merchant can ship the goods.

Weighing out all the possible payment schemes, it can be concluded that small and medium enterprises could greatly benefit from online transaction choices. The bigger businesses who can afford more can opt for the safety of the established world of credit card payment processing. Whichever an internet marketer would choose, these are proven ways to send and receive payments.

Shop Online For Green Products

The online shopping freak is on its peak. People are now more obsessed with buying their goods online. All the convenience they are getting here is only to get the product sitting from the home.

Offers and bonanza are other factors which are also luring these buyers day by day but there are many other issues too attached in buyers? attitude that can influence their buying habit significantly. Social and ethical issues have much important factors from beginning and consumers have a natural demand for this always.

Buying green products or demand of products which are more eco-friendly now can be seen as the result of such ethical issues from the consumers. Now there is rush for such demands and people are more excited for ordering green products that has resulted into a changed attitude into their buying habit.

According to a leading market research agency, now people in US and Canada have more concern for ethical and social value when they go to order the products. However, the study also says that maximum number of such consumers come from older ages that is an obvious phenomena of having more responsible for society with growing age.

Since, it is the consumers driven market, people have benefit of getting what they demand. Now seeing such demand of the people, the online retailers have also stretched their waist. And they have started introducing green products and paying more attention towards their social concern of the business.

The launch of  by the eBay can be seen as brave initiation towards the much shouted and appreciable demand of the consumers. Initially this e-commerce giant has come up with major 15 categories of the products that include clothing, food, home and garden goods, jewels and a lot more.