Logo Design Made Easy for Bloggers

There are countless resources available that deal with logo design. In fact, all the information can have the opposite effect and leave you feeling none the wiser. In short, you want your logo design to speak to your audience and not you as a person. So, if you are a blogger, your logo design should actually be designed for the readers of your blog.

Now if you’re looking for your next major DIY project, why not design a logo for your blog? With the help of these tips, logo design will be as easy as ABC.

Identify the Look of Your Blog

One important step is to identify the graphics and visual elements that will match the feelings that your blog posts are trying to convey. This process can actually be rather exciting and enjoyable. One way to do this is to create a moodboard by collecting pictures, color schemes and different types of font that you think your audience will be able to connect with. Luckily there are many places where you can find inspiration for your logo design that you can access for free online.

Tackling the Design Process

Once you have collected different typographies, cool colours and images that could work, it is time to get down and design. When you know the fundamentals of great logo design services, you will be able to tackle this process on your own (even if you have no previous experience in logo design). Basically, you want to come up with a logo design that your audience can recognise in a flash. So, it has to clear and readable.


Selecting your style is where you should start. There are many different styles that you can choose such as a vintage look or something a bit more futuristic. It does not matter which style you decide one, what matters is that it should shout simplicity. Rest assured, by picking a simple style your logo design will definitely not be boring.

Including a Special Element

One of the great things about logo design is that you can find brand new ways to depict the work that you do. Your logo design simply needs to represent your blog. In other words, there is no need for your logo design to describe who you are to a T. In short, you are basically free to add any special element that will symbolise your blog.

The use of colour

It is best to use only two colours. One colour will be the main colour of your logo design, while your second colour should be less vibrant, possibly even a lighter tone of your primary colour. This means that your one colour will highlight key elements, while your second colour will add some much-needed contrast.

Picking a Font

Just like with the use of colour, you should begin with only two fonts. One font will be the one that your readers will recognise and link with your brand, while the second font will be really simple and act as a complement to the other font.

With these practical tips, you are ready to create your own logo design for your blog. So, if you are keen to do it yourself be sure to page through books about graphic design. After all, if you’re a blogger, you probably relish any opportunity to do some light reading.