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Essential Tips On How To Age Whiskey

Most of the alcohol producing companies produces whiskey by using the fermentation procedures that gives out a pure drink. Mostly, corn is commonly used as the primary grain and is combined with barley or wheat to achieve a perfect drink at the end. Most of the whiskey are prepared between one hundred and ten and one hundred and forty proofs. Most of the ethyl alcohol taste the same making it a requirement to check the percentages for easy identification. The different flavors of any drink are not due to alcohol, but it comes from non-alcohol elements that are found in the trace amounts.

There are many ways in which a producer can achieve the best flavor for the drink which includes multiple distillation and addition of flavors that comes from fruits or spices. Most companies use the oak barrel to age their whiskey as it is the best method that can be used to achieve great tastes. Many companies that produce whiskey from fruits and grains find it good to use the oak barrel to improve the taste of their whiskey. Charring the inner part of the oak barrel is known to bring a pleasantly flavored whiskey.

It is important to note that many of the whiskey that we drink is made by using the oak barrel. Most of the whiskey that is not aged have good flavors, and they are clear in color before undergoing the aging process inside the oak barrel. All other whiskey need to pass through the aging process with the exemption of the corn whiskey which is labeled as whiskey before aging. During the aging process inside the oak barrel, most of the whiskey gains pleasing flavors and colors. The the maturity of whiskey inside an oak barrel is reached after a period of five to six years. During this time, the alcohol absorbs and dissolves flavors and sugars from the wood. When you are aging the whiskey at home, make sure that you have not extended the required years as it will have flavors that taste woody. Most of the whiskey beverages retains their tastes for many years if they are packed in sealed bottles.

Some manufactures love to recycle the oak barrel in the production of whiskey while others use the oak barrels only once in the making of whiskey. The used bourbon barrels, sherry casks or the oak barrels that have been used are sold to some of the companies in the aim of whiskey production. It is important to note that the whiskey that is aged using the used oak barrel takes a longer period to mature, mostly over twenty-five years.

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