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How to Buy Vintage Tees?

If you are out in the market searching for some vintage tees, then you are in luck to find this article. If you want to find genuine vintage tees, then I suggest that you keep on reading to uncover some valuable tips.

Tip number 1. When talking about separating fake vintage to authentic ones, you should always look at the texture. Have a great feel of the fabric because it can give you telltale signs whether the shirt is real vintage or not. In comparison to shirts that are manufactured during 70s and 80s, t-shirts of today are thicker.

Tip number 2. Vintage tee collectors are looking for thin fabric that’s made from 50 percent polyester and 50 percent cotton. Basically, this fits perfectly to the body and when it comes to softness, it is what considered to be the best of best. Not just that a 50/50 shirt is most likely to be a genuine vintage tee, 100 percent cotton trend didn’t kick off until the nineties.

Tip number 3. Watch out for new graphic designs printed on old tees. The reason for this is the fact that there are some stores that buy plain vintage shirts that are screening print the logo of bands and then, promoting it to be authentic. Considering how long the vintage tee has bee, it is all fine if there are fadeaways on the design and also, check the wear if it matches the print.

Tip number 4. You want the band tee to look like it’s gone through 10 or 20 years of partying whenever possible. When shopping for some vintage concert t-shirts, you should not be turned off by things similar to tiny rips, loose necklines, cut-off sleeves or paint splatters as these are all details that many designers are trying to replicate.

Tip number 5. You ought to know that sizing used by manufacturers from the past and today are different. In other words, it will be a totally different dimension from the 70s to present day. You must be sure that you try it out if you are shopping for this type of t-shirt. On the other hand, if you’re buying from online store however, then you should ask for the t-shirt’s specific measurement and don’t just depend on the label.

Tip number 6. Perhaps, the t-shirt sells for 300 dollars in a vintage boutique but you may possibly buy it for half the price in other stores. As a result, you should allot time shopping around different online stores to see what they offer.

You will never regret your purchase if you follow these tips for buying vintage tees.

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