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How Singing Bowls Heal You

The use of singing bowls actually helps in your healing, meditation and relaxation purposes. These small bowls have the function similar to a bell and that it can create a melodious sound once you play it. Since the singing bowls actually come from Tibet, countries like India, Nepal and Bhutan have also perfected the playing.

Traditionally, the singing bowls are made of mixture of seven metals, but today, those that are found in the market are made up of a mixture of three to five metals only. The bowl produces a tone that will both make you relax deeply and creates harmonious effect between your soul and your body. If you put the bowl on your body, the sound waves it produces will reach your cell through the vibrations that will also massage your cells and this will continue to happen all throughout your body.You don’t even have to wait that long just to have a taste of the complete relaxation. ellular massage can also help in providing healing results if you are or if you have a damaged body. The bowl actually provides relaxation if you use it and continue feeling.

You have two options to play a singing bowl. Your first option will be striking it with the use of a mallet. But if you want to hear a continuous singing tone on your singing bowl, you can make use of a wooden stick to rub the bowl. To know if your singing bowl is in good quality and condition, try to have your mallet move around the bowl and if it produces different tones, then you have a good choice on hand. Lying flat on your back is your first step in preparing for the cellular sound massage. Afterwards, you will feel that your body becomes comfortable and relaxed, thus, your que point to putting the singing bowl on your chest. Since vibration is the reason why your bowl often slips, it is recommended that you use a piece of nonslip mat. The moment you are ready and comfortable, you may now start striking your mallet that is close to the rim.

Though the quality of the singing bowl is to produce a prolonged sound, it still important you repeat striking the bowl every once in a while. Singing bowls are not required to always have it place on your chest. Another option is to have it on your back but reaching it and striking it is a bit difficult. If you want to try placing the bowl on your back, but find it difficult to strike the bowl from this position, it is fine to recruit someone else to be the striker. You will definitely relax and can even do a personal meditation if you also join ultra classes or meditation.

You will definitely appreciate these singing bowls.

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