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Benefits of Overhead Garage Doors

A lot of homeowners today are replacing their tradition swinging garage doors to overhead doors. The reason for this is that overhead garage doors are more convenient to use than the traditional one. Overhead garage doors can also be opened manually or by a garage door opener. There is no problem entering your garage with overhead garage doors since they are large enough for the purpose.

There are many designs for overhead garage doors. The tilt up, roll over, and sectional units are the three most popular garage door designs. The tilt design has been around for a long while. It is a single panel that is raised up to the ceiling of the garage. A number of small sections joined together to form a single unit describes a roll up garage door. When opened, the door sections roll over a coil above the garage. In the sectional design, there are 3 to 4 panels joined by hinges or axles which allow them to roll up into the coil overhead.

Overhead garage doors are made of different materials. Steel, aluminum, wood, and fiberglass are the most popular materials. The most common material used is steel. Steel is not expensive, can be installed easily and can keep your garage secure. The ability of aluminum to resist rust and corrosion makes it the best for coastal area homes. Fiberglass is great since it is strong and very durable compared to other materials. It is a bit expensive compared to the other materials. Wood garage doors are good for their aesthetic design. But they are not as durable as the other materials.

You can find benefits and disadvantages with each design. Roll up doors are very handy for tall openings and require little space on ceiling. Tilt up doors are less expensive for being an older style of door. It has a smooth and clean appearance. The benefit of sectional doors is their durability and security. Whatever weather condition there is, your garage and vehicles are well protected. The sectional units have many different designs and styles.

Using overhead garage doors has its own drawbacks too. Maintenance is required with roll ups since they are made up of many small panels. They are also expensive. Tilt up units are not very secure and provide less protection against weather conditions. Sectional units are secure and durable yet often have mechanical issues and need more ceiling space.

Overhead doors come in a variety of colors and glass vision lights. There are also many different designs and style available in the market. Automatic operators and remote control openers is one of the best features of overhead garage doors.

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