Five Profound Benefits Of Starting A Podcast For Your Brand

A couple of years ago setting up a podcast for a business was considered to be a frivolous luxury which only power house companies invested in however, everything has changed in the business landscape all around the world. Now businesses have to constantly engage their clients or risk losing them to a competitor, engagement has become a prerequisite for success in this digital era.

According to a report, podcast subscriptions on ITunes surpassed 1 billion last year, this clearly exonerates the fact that podcasts have become a powerful digital marketing tool which every business should take advantage of. Contrary to popular belief setting up a podcast does not require heavy capital or substantial resources, so a business with financial constraints can also invest in this digital channel or can contact a Podcast Production Company for further assistance.

Furthermore, most companies use a combination of many different digital marketing channels to effectively engage their consumers and drive traffic to their website. Including podcasts as a marketing channel can completely revamp the business in terms of market awareness and brand ID. To further elaborate on how powerful podcasts are a for a business, we have compiled a list of the top five benefits of starting a podcast for your business. These benefits are mentioned below,

1. Provides immaculate engagement with clients

If you really want to engage with your clients and want them to trust you as an authority on any given topic, then consider setting up a podcast for your business. A podcast will essentially allow you to speak with your clients and convey information in an interactive manner which will help cultivate long lasting relationships with your clients.

If your client list gets used to your businesses podcasts, they will keep checking for new updates and will constantly refer to your business as a viable source of information. Furthermore, most podcasts setups include a comment section where your listeners can voice their views and concerns, this creates a direct bridge between you and your clients.

2. Connect with others in your industry 

According to a study, podcast listeners actually spend more than one hour and forty five minutes per day listening to podcasts. This proves just how powerful this tool is as your business can effectively convey staggering amount of information in a single podcast. Furthermore, if you manage to captivate your listeners they will in return start sharing your podcasts on social media platforms and with friends.

This will empower your business to connect with others in your industry and increase the overall market awareness of your brand. Many people would prefer listening to a podcast instead of scouring the Internet for information and this medium has proven to be a profound marketing channel.

3. Barriers to entry are very low 

As mentioned above, setting up a podcast does not require substantial capital or a lot of resources. Nowadays, people are podcasting on a daily basis and are using this medium as an alternative to blogs. Many individuals have set up their own personal podcasts in their homes, offices, garages and even in their backyard. This proves just how easy and cost effective it is to set up a podcast for any given purpose. As a business, all you will have to do is invest in a mike and allocate enough space in your office for podcasting sessions.

Furthermore, most of these platforms are offered free of costs or at very low prices. So you can easily find one which encompasses your respective budgets. Just conduct simple research to find a podcasting platform which best suits the needs of your business.

4. Promote your product or services

One of the most profound benefits of investing in a podcast for your business is the fact that this platform will provide you with an effective medium to promote your product or services. The audio content of the podcast is completely in your hands and you can use your creativity to a great extent.

A podcast will empower you with the unique ability to broadcast information regarding your products, business culture, services, promotions and any piece of information which you want your consumers to know about. Furthermore, since your marketing team will essentially be speaking about a product or service, they can instill sales tactics in their content to effectively entice your intended target audience.

5. Personal connection with your audience

If you really want to connect with your audience on a personal level, then consider setting up a podcast. The real beauty of this marketing channel is that this platform allows business to communicate with thousands of people while maintaining a personalized touch. Listeners will slowly start to trust your podcast and will inadvertently build a relationship with your business as they will feel that your business actually cares about the consumer’s perspective.

So what are you waiting for? All of these benefits enunciate the fact that podcasts can be very beneficial for every business type. All you have to do is invest in a mike and a podcast software, voila your business now has a powerful digital marketing tool at their disposal.