Does Changing Your Domain Name Affect Your SEO?

Does Changing Your Domain Name Affect Your SEO?

Changing to a new domain name should be avoided in the first place, but there could be situations which could compel you to migrate to a new domain name. This could be a cause of concern as you may experience your traffic nosedive. However, if done properly your website could be ranking on top of the search engine again in no time.

Reasons to change to a new domain could be many. The most common ones being, selecting a lousy domain name in the first place, change in name or focus of the business, a better-suited domain name which was previously unavailable being ready to be used now, or something that damaged the reputation of the domain.

How can domain name change affect the SEO?

It is essential to understand how SEO works. SEO refers to the holistic process of ranking higher in the search engine for relevant keywords. Higher ranking can bring in more traffic resulting in more conversion to sales for your business. If you simply change the domain name without proper precautions, your website may face downtime, which could have severe implications for your SEO. A running website is optimized for certain keywords, and search engine works by storing metrics. When the domain name is changed, the metrics are reset, which could result in plummeting SEO equity.

Steps you should take to avoid loss in SEO

  • Audit– Audit all the metrics, including the inbound links to minimize SEO loss. Google Webmaster tool helps you do the auditing process smoothly.
  • Backup– Complete backup of the website using plugins such as the Duplicator
  • Redirecting– It redirects the user to the new domain. Use a 301 redirect to tell the search engine about the new dynamics for your website.
  • Internal links– Non-SEO optimized internal links need to be redirected as well.
  • Inform Google– inform Google using the Webmaster tool about the domain change.


If you are planning to buy web hosting or change to a new hosting, you should look for a service provider who offers a cost-effective solution, especially, for small businesses. Migrating to a new hosting requires proper planning. If the above steps are taken, the loss in SEO may only be temporary, and your website would again be ranking on top in no time.