Common types of internet providers across the globe

There are above 100 of internet providers across the globe. The internet provider market is highly competitive and offering different packages and discounts. Advancement in technology has made internet business one of the most successful business these days. In this era of advancement unlimited internet connection has become a need of every household. The statistic shows that the number of internet user in Malaysia is increasing every year. If you have moved to a different location and you are deciding to look for the best internet provider, we have a list of few to help you and make your decision hassle free.

  1. Cable internet service providers

One of the popular options for getting online access across the country is cable internet service. The internet speed of this type of service reaches from around 1.5 Mbps to as high as 100 Mbps. The name of the service clearly implies cable web service influences existing lines used for Tv cable. There are also instances where you can save much money by attaining both the services by bundling them together if available. Best broadband Malaysia offers most reliable internet services to their users to ease them & providing best packages according to your needs.

  1. DSL internet service provider

DSL is an internet service that stands for Digital Subscriber Line. It is another widely available form of web services that cater many customers by providing them best speed. Its speed is improved than the cable internet service providers and is a better form of internet than the cable service providers. But there are few fluctuations in this service since unlike the cable internet service DSL is not shared between the users. A solid service option DSL special is very reliable specially if there is no other option available for you.

  1. Fiber net service

Fiber net service is the recent bandwidth leaders that is transmitted over through a network of fiber optic cables. It is capable of transmitting at a speed of 1gps range for downloads. Major cities of Malaysia are in a hope that google the web champion might decide to pick up their locale as the upcoming site for its popular google fiber offering a gig of bandwidth at the same price and packages as most cable or DSL providers.

  1. Wireless service

The major rivals of DSL or cables has emerged the 4G LTE wireless internet service, at times reaching 15 to 25 Mbps. The major issue that arises with most of the internet services is the data usage limit per month, but this service keeps the popular and trending internet activities ongoing with very affordable rates as online video streaming or gaming sessions.