Use of Attractive Animation in Website Design

A website with a good and interesting appearance of animation is a fun thing. When used correctly, animation can provide a lively and interactive impression, adding an additional layer to enhance the experience of the website user.

Currently, more and more websites are using animation, both in the form of GIF, SVG, WebGL, background videos and so on. And the animation itself can be used in several functions which are part of the website.

·       Animation Loading

One of the oldest uses of animation on website design is to distract users when waiting for your website to run / load. Animation can affect your users’ perceptions of your product technology, can make it look better than it really is. Your users also have something fun to watch while waiting for your website to open.

Animation loading is better if simple. Forget the extra effects like sounds or strange designs. Animation … Read the rest

4 Tips for Simplifying Your Website Design

Have you ever visited a website and confused where to go because the navigation buttons are less visible? This could be due to the website design error. Creating a website design cannot be arbitrary. One effort to get your website visited by many people is to make the design as simple as possible like tips from “LinkHelpers Web Design Phoenix”. The simple user interface is easier for visitors to understand so they can know where to go. To make a simple design, here are four things you can do.

Call to Action Must Be Clearly Visible

When creating a website, of course, you have a purpose and a goal, right? Make this goal clearly visible so that it can be immediately understood when visitors arrive at your website. Make sure he can immediately know the type of website he visits, moves in what area of ​​the website, and … Read the rest

Web design expenses: the best price’s offer.

Defining web design:

Web design describes the sum of techniques that lead to creating websites that work well and allow companies and individuals to have a digital presence. These techniques include graphic design, media management and writing content.

Web design services:

Web design is usually handled by web design agencies, Novage communications is one of the best web designers in Singapore. These agencies have packages of services that they offer to their clients. Basically, these services include:

  • Making layouts.
  • Creating Graphic designs.
  • Managing Media (Visual and Audio)
  • Implementing associated applications.

To these services web design companies can add:

  • Updating content
  • Optimizing for search engine.
  • Lead generating
  • Webhosting
  • Pay per click management

Web design agencies are called to be able to handle the tasks whether they are conducting the project from the beginning or they are involved at an advanced stage of the website running or creation. They can also … Read the rest

15 Trends in Web Design & Development 2019 and Tips for Acting

2019 has been waiting for approximately 2 weeks. Information technology is growing rapidly from year to year. Likewise with internet and Website Design Gold Coast.

As a practitioner in the IT world, especially web development, we cannot close ourselves to the rising trend. We must follow the developments. If not, then our work and work are no longer relevant to market demand.

Therefore, we must be able to predict what will happen and boom 1 to the next few years. That way we can prepare to adjust to the trends that occur.

In this article, I will discuss estimates of website design and development trends in 2019 and the next few years based on various references and current trends.

2019 Web Programming Trends

1. Javascript continues to grow

Javascript is the most popular programming language and the most widely used web developer today. The basic function is to make … Read the rest

WordPress Migration: Top Tools and Plugins

There are times when you decide to migrate your website either to change your web host or because of a change in domain, etc. Migrating your website is a critical process since even a small mistake can cause data loss, losing page rank in search results, etc. Therefore, as a site owner, it is important to create a strategic plan for the migration of your website and use the right plugins for migration. In this article, we will look at the top migration plugins for your WordPress website.


Duplicator, by SnapCreek, is a plugin which helps create backups and migrate your WP site with ease. It is available in free and paid versions, Duplicator allows you to duplicate/clone, backup, and migrate your website with no downtime. All the files including your database, plugins, themes, content, etc. are zipped and can be moved anywhere you want.

WP Migrate Database

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