Reliable Strategies for Attracting Visitors to Your Website

Having a website as a “window” of your business is the right step. Even so, not all websites are worth visiting. Only good quality websites can attract more visitors.

As a website owner, of course you want your website to be visited by many internet users, right? Therefore, in addition to using the LinkHelpers SEO Scottsdale technique to increase visitors to your website, there are a number of appropriate strategies you need to try to find out how to get more visitors to your website:

Contents is Everything

The first and foremost key of the most visited websites is the content of the website itself. There are a number of things that must be considered to produce good website content, including:

•        Choose an interesting title.

When you write content and articles on your website, choose an interesting title. An interesting title of course will get more attention from internet … Read the rest

Practice this SEO Strategy & Technique on your Web.

The year has changed, there are many things that must be done as a businessman. More for those of you who are struggling with the online marketing business.

Indeed, there are many “sources of traffic” that we can and can get visitors. However, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) still gets a substantial portion. Because in terms of quality of traffic, SEO still has very good quality compared to other traffic sources.

Well, welcome 2019. We want to discuss some SEO strategies that you can practice. Knowing and practicing strategies early is a good and important step. You can take important steps before your competitors do.

Here are some SEO strategies & techniques that you can practice. If you can practice it consistently, maybe later you can dominate page 1 of google.

Use Voice Search

It was said, in 2017 the search for voice use reached 20% of all searches in the … Read the rest

Payment Schemes For Internet Marketing: An Overview

One of the many facets of internet marketing is the process of chatbot design. There are many ways that payments can be transacted and, yes, most of them are just a mouse click away. Here are some of the most common modes of payment for internet marketers (most of them give guarantee to both parties? The buyer and the seller):

Credit card payments? To be able to process credit card payments online, companies do require merchant accounts. One great requirement is a stocky bank security deposit (or deposits) and websites that are commerce-enabled and very secure. Looking at all these requirements, it is really? costly? to even think of the credit card payment mode. There are many advantages to using this mode of payment, though.

As the internet marketer, you are assured of payment plus you have all the other contact details that would lead you to your buyer … Read the rest

Tips On Making Your WordPress Site More Secure

If you are a serious blogger or website owner, then getting your website hacked means losing years of hard work.  Although WordPress software is secure, but the hackers try thousand number of ways to exploit a popular website. So, it is better to keep an eye on the WordPress security to protect your site. Here are top tips to make your WordPress site more secure:

Up-to-date Regularly: Keeping your WordPress up-to-date is simple but plays a key role in site security. It is best to click on the ‘update available’ banner whenever you log-in to the website dashboard. Take back-up before installation. It is important to update your website regularly as out of date website is vulnerable to malware and security attacks.

In addition, you should update plugins and themes regularly. Each plugin and theme you use is used as a backdoor by the hackers to break-in into your … Read the rest

3 reasons Google Analytics is important to have

Google Analytics is a popular digital analytics software as we all know. It offers you an in-depth analysis about the visitors on your website. The insights you get will help you shape the success strategy of your business.

As you use Google Analytics right, you will get details on what people do when they visit your site, how long they stay and what pages do they visit. If you haven’t started using Google Analytics, here are 3 most genuine reasons why you should try it:

  1. See how people find your website

There is an ‘Acquisition’ section on Google Analytics that offers you extensive information on how a visitor finds your website. It lets you track how people land on your site after clicking on a link via search results. You can also find out how many people come from the links shared on your social media, other websites, paid ads … Read the rest