Are You Making Common SEO Mistakes?

When a business starts to take search engine optimization into consideration, their marketing team learns just how complex and intricate these strategies really are. Many businesses end up investing thousands of dollars and dedicate a substantial amount of resources to boost their search engine rankings, however in some cases these businesses do not notice any tangible results.

SEO strategies are extremely diverse in nature and implementing these strategies requires a high degree of understanding regarding search engine ranking metrics. Every year Google, announces new algorithms which will be used to determine the rank of a website. If your website lacks in anyway then there is high chance that Google will rank your website low on the search engine result page.

Ranking high on search engine platforms have become a prerequisite in this digital era, every consumer will first run a quick check on the Internet before making the actual purchase. If your website is ranked low or on the second page, it is safe to say that your conversion rates and traffic must be very low. Most businesses prefer to invest in a SEO Company as they might lack the experience, knowledge and skill set to effectively optimize their website for search engine rankings.

Furthermore, these external sources can help provide immaculate search ranking data, which businesses can use to get a competitive edge. However, before you invest in these services, it is recommended that you conduct an internal audit on your website to determine where your website may be lacking. To make this possible, we have articulated a list of the most common SEO mistakes which you should avoid at all costs. These mistakes are mentioned below,

1. Duplicate Content

The most common mistake which most businesses make without realizing is publishing content which is present in more than one URL within different or the same domain. The reason why this will affect your search engine rankings is the fact that Google crawlers will not be able to determine which content to index and will automatically rank your website far lower than it might deserve. So run a quick search on the content present on each landing page and the URL of your website to make sure that there is no duplication.

2. Optimizing Content only around one Keyword

Those days are long gone when your digital marketing team could simply curate content only around one keyword and expect high search engine rankings. However, this practice will not only affect your users experience but will it will also your websites visibility.

Keywords are one of the most important factors which Google’s algorithms will take into consideration when determining which sites to list for a search query. We would recommend conducting research into all of the keywords that your intended audience might search for and include this in your content.

3. Forgetting Mobile Users 

One of the biggest mistakes any business can make is not optimizing their website for mobile users. These days if a user wants to gain insight regarding any topic, product or service, they will simply use their phones to browse the Internet. If these users come across your website and it is not optimized for mobiles, they will immediately choose an alternative. Furthermore, Google also introduced a mobile index to determine which websites to rank higher for mobile users.

4. Failing to take advantage of internal and external links

Link building has become one of the most profound SEO strategies which not only increases traffic but will also help your search engine rankings. If your website has external links to useful content, this will immediately start to direct more traffic to your site. Since search engine metrics will evaluate your traffic rates, bounce rates and link authority, this strategy will help improve your rankings by a substantial margin.

5. Forgetting about image optimization

Search engine metrics consider a plethora of different factors into account, image optimization is one of them. Adding high quality images to your website will attract your viewers and will keep them hooked to your site. Furthermore, if your images are not optimized then your website will take more time to load and will ruin the viewers experience.

So conduct an internal audit and find out if you are making any of these common SEO mistakes, rest assured if you avoid these mistakes and focus on the core principles of SEO then you will start seeing results immediately.