Alert, This 4 Signs Your Smartphone Hacked

In line with the increasing sophistication of technology and internet connections are increasingly easy to access, change the lifestyle of people in some countries more mobile.
Through a smartphone, users can do various things ranging from banking transactions, email, status updates on social media to store a variety of important data though.
However, if you think the smartphone is a safe place to store personal data, you’re wrong.
So, how can we know Android smartphone has been hacked? Here are 4 signs as quoted from softecho, Monday (12/3/2018).

1. Smartphone Battery Reduced Drastically Suddenly

Each smartphone has a different battery capacity. If you are used to using a smartphone that is used today, you must memorize how long the normal usage time until the battery is completely discharged.
But if suddenly your battery power drastically reduced when the use of mediocrity, you should be vigilant. This can happen because there are unknown applications running in the background.
The application could be a kind of malware that can steal data from your smartphone. Sound terrible, is not it? The solution, do not carelessly install applications from unknown sources. If you get this situation you can visit

2. Temperature Smartphone Temperature Suddenly

Like the above points, another sign if there are applications running in the background is the temperature of the smartphone suddenly getting hotter.
If yes, there is nothing wrong if you check what applications are running through the settings. For Android users, you can go to Settings menu> Developer options> Running services.
If you find an unknown application, delete it immediately and never again install the app from an untrusted source. Read also from our department to fix it this problem in :

3. Active WiFi by itself.

When you’re in a public place, and WiFi you suddenly active yourself, you should be vigilant. It may be you are being tapped. Through WiFi connections in public places, hackers can easily infect and transfer data to the target they want.

4. There is a Voice of Others While Calling.

One sign of your smartphone being tapped is the appearance of a noisy and weird sound as long as you make a phone call.
If that happens, you should be vigilant, especially if the other person feels normal calling.