5 Must-have features of your website

Your website’s primary goal is to drive business. For your business to succeed online, you need to have the right features for visitors to gain trust and interest in your brand. With this in mind, what features help a website stand out? HeartCMS provide web design in Nottingham and the surrounding areas, to ensure that your website gets optimum traffic, and drives an increase in sales for your business. Here are our top five must-have features for your website:

  1. Present Social Media Icons Above The Fold

Above the fold is the term for the upper half of your website – the first thing a visitor will see on your site. It’s imperative to have your social channels in the above the fold section, right where they can immediately be seen. The further down the page a visitor has to scroll, the less likely they are to see your social buttons pointing to your profiles. Placing your social buttons above the fold builds confidence in your brand. Having visible social buttons let your visitors know that you are established and confirms that if they bought anything from you, that there’s a clear way to communicate with your business if needed.

  1. Add a contact number to your website

Once upon a time before the internet, the phone was a key source of generating leads for any successful business. Including a clearly visible phone number on your website makes it far easier for customers and potential clients to get in contact with you. This increases your trustworthiness as a brand, which can lead to more sales opportunities and ultimately increased revenue. Having a phone number helps to deliver sales from people who aren’t comfortable buying online and gives visitors the confidence of knowing that they have an easy form of customer support should they need it.

  1. Have a contact form feature

A contact form is a set of questions filled out by your website visitor that is automatically sent to your email. A website can be viewed 24/7, and although you can’t necessarily be contacted at all hours, you still don’t want to lose out on leads just because a visitor is browsing your website during out of office hours. Having a contact form makes everything easier and organised, and makes you contactable around the clock. With a contact form, your visitor can provide upfront information about what they need. With this information, you can determine if services are a good match, which can ultimately lead to a new sale.

  1. Include a newsletter sign-up feature

Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools for website owners. Do you know anyone who uses the internet that doesn’t have an email? Neither do we. Even if sites have a significant amount of traffic, most people will visit a website only once. Email subscribers, on the other hand, sign up because they like what they see and want to learn more. Every one of them is a potential recurring customer. Having a visible newsletter sign-up feature on your website will help build your database of potential and existing clients, which you can then go on to market to on a regular basis, which is more likely to generate leads.

  1. Display an Instagram widget feature

Having an Instagram widget feature on your social posts is an important feature to add to your website because it helps you increase visibility and reach of your social channel. This expansion of value for your posts helps to build a strong community of followers, which is essential for building an authentic and trustworthy brand. While social proof is one of the most powerful marketing tools, even showcasing a strong and consistent Instagram business presence can lend to your brand credibility and authenticity.

It’s important that your website builds visitor trust, gives extra features to drive conversation about the brand and improves user experience of your site. HeartCMS, a web design agency in Nottingham can provide you a free website report. This website report checks over not only your web design, but also the code and how Google friendly it is. They provide a free checklist of changes you can make to improve your website rankings and conversions.