4 Tips for Simplifying Your Website Design

Have you ever visited a website and confused where to go because the navigation buttons are less visible? This could be due to the website design error. Creating a website design cannot be arbitrary. One effort to get your website visited by many people is to make the design as simple as possible like tips from “LinkHelpers Web Design Phoenix”. The simple user interface is easier for visitors to understand so they can know where to go. To make a simple design, here are four things you can do.

Call to Action Must Be Clearly Visible

When creating a website, of course, you have a purpose and a goal, right? Make this goal clearly visible so that it can be immediately understood when visitors arrive at your website. Make sure he can immediately know the type of website he visits, moves in what area of ​​the website, and what he can do on your website. The position of the CTA placement must be clearly visible to your website visitors so that they are not confused.

Use Harmonious Colors

Indeed, colors look very attractive, but you should not apply this to your website. Don’t use more than four shades of color. If you play too much color, this can indicate the inconsistency of your website in terms of design. If necessary, use a monotonous color palette, so there are only one or two colors to create harmony for the user interface. This makes your website more comfortable and easy to remember for visitors to your website.

List UI Elements That Are Needed

Including user interface elements such as social media, icons are necessary. But make sure when a visitor clicks on it, it leads directly to your company profile, not just to the social media main page. If this is the case, then the installation of these elements becomes less effective. Likewise with the banner in the form of a slide. Do not leave this banner in the form of display only, but it should also include links. So when the banner changes and visitors feel interested in the info, they can directly access the page in question by just clicking on the banner.

No Need to Write All Text

Maybe you think by writing text thoroughly, this can make it easier for visitors to get information without having to scroll down. Precisely too much text can damage your design. List the text as needed (usually just a keyword) and use a large font size. The goal is to be easily seen by visitors and if he wants to get more complete info, he can scroll sideways or down.

In making designs, there are many things that must be considered. Indeed you can be creative by playing colors, images, elements, and layouts. However, you should also consider that the more complex the design you make, it can reduce the effectiveness of the website itself. Good design is what can make your website easily understood by visitors.