Why is WHMCS crucial for your web hosting business?

Why is WHMCS crucial for your web hosting business?

In the business of reselling, you would come across the need to manage orders, collect payments and keep track of your clients. You do all of this taking the help of spreadsheets or standalone software suites that require manual entry. However, this process is a bit tiresome and consumes a considerable amount of time. Here is where the concept of WHMCS comes into the picture. If you are not sure about the term, let me help you out. 

What is WHMCS?

For organizations that run an online business, WHMCS is the one-stop solution for client management needs. Factually, WHMCS is regarded as a tool that controls and manages round the clock operations of an online business. From sign-up to billing and payment collection, WHMCS is a powerful solution of web hosting that induces total automation. 

Features of WHMCS

WHMCS emphasizes on web hosting services offering support to a plethora of … Read the rest