Are You Making Common SEO Mistakes?

When a business starts to take search engine optimization into consideration, their marketing team learns just how complex and intricate these strategies really are. Many businesses end up investing thousands of dollars and dedicate a substantial amount of resources to boost their search engine rankings, however in some cases these businesses do not notice any tangible results.

SEO strategies are extremely diverse in nature and implementing these strategies requires a high degree of understanding regarding search engine ranking metrics. Every year Google, announces new algorithms which will be used to determine the rank of a website. If your website lacks in anyway then there is high chance that Google will rank your website low on the search engine result page.

Ranking high on search engine platforms have become a prerequisite in this digital era, every consumer will first run a quick check on the Internet before making the actual purchase. … Read the rest

Five Profound Benefits Of Starting A Podcast For Your Brand

A couple of years ago setting up a podcast for a business was considered to be a frivolous luxury which only power house companies invested in however, everything has changed in the business landscape all around the world. Now businesses have to constantly engage their clients or risk losing them to a competitor, engagement has become a prerequisite for success in this digital era.

According to a report, podcast subscriptions on ITunes surpassed 1 billion last year, this clearly exonerates the fact that podcasts have become a powerful digital marketing tool which every business should take advantage of. Contrary to popular belief setting up a podcast does not require heavy capital or substantial resources, so a business with financial constraints can also invest in this digital channel or can contact a Podcast Production Company for further assistance.

Furthermore, most companies use a combination of many different digital marketing channels … Read the rest

Top SEO Software You Should Know About

As a web designer, SEO is always going to be on the top of your priority list. Effective SEO strategies will help your business rank higher in search engine queries which means that customers can easily locate your website. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes, would you choose a website on the first page of the search engine results or on the second page? The answer is quite simple. However, ranking high on search engine platforms is not an easy task as there are many different factors which come into play.

Most companies have a lot of trouble implementing SEO strategies due to its intricate and diverse nature. Each strategy has to be introduced with impeccable attention to detail as there are a plethora of different aspects which need to be taken into consideration. To make this possible, we have articulated a list of tools to help you rank high … Read the rest

How to be colour-savvy in your campaign design process

Design is a key component in determining a campaign’s success or failure. There are many aspects to the design process but one of the most influential is colour. Scientific and psychological studies have revealed that each shade of colour creates a different emotion in the consumer — from urgency to buy now, to trusting in a brand. With other findings indicating that colour can determine how long we can recall an offer or brand logo, it’s clear that being colour-savvy when designing a marketing campaign is essential.

Here to help are display board experts, Where The Trade Buys, with their guide exploring how use colour effectively and efficiently…

The influence of colour on marketing

While colour psychology has long been discussed and researched, the extent of colour’s influence from a marketing perspective is more of a contemporary debate. However, there have been many scientific studies into the connection between … Read the rest

Use of Attractive Animation in Website Design

A website with a good and interesting appearance of animation is a fun thing. When used correctly, animation can provide a lively and interactive impression, adding an additional layer to enhance the experience of the website user.

Currently, more and more websites are using animation, both in the form of GIF, SVG, WebGL, background videos and so on. And the animation itself can be used in several functions which are part of the website.

·       Animation Loading

One of the oldest uses of animation on website design is to distract users when waiting for your website to run / load. Animation can affect your users’ perceptions of your product technology, can make it look better than it really is. Your users also have something fun to watch while waiting for your website to open.

Animation loading is better if simple. Forget the extra effects like sounds or strange designs. Animation … Read the rest