15 Trends in Web Design & Development 2019 and Tips for Acting

2019 has been waiting for approximately 2 weeks. Information technology is growing rapidly from year to year. Likewise with internet and Website Design Gold Coast.

As a practitioner in the IT world, especially web development, we cannot close ourselves to the rising trend. We must follow the developments. If not, then our work and work are no longer relevant to market demand.

Therefore, we must be able to predict what will happen and boom 1 to the next few years. That way we can prepare to adjust to the trends that occur.

In this article, I will discuss estimates of website design and development trends in 2019 and the next few years based on various references and current trends.

2019 Web Programming Trends

1. Javascript continues to grow

Javascript is the most popular programming language and the most widely used web developer today. The basic function is to make a website more interactive. In its development, javascript can also be used as a server-side language to process data on the server, with Node.js for example.

The existence of javascript libraries and plugins such as jquery, angularJS and so on adds to the popularity of JavaScript. Making interactive sites is very easy. At present, almost no website does not use javascript in its creation.

2. Node.Js Berkembang Competing with Php

Node.js is a web platform that allows us to create input-output data applications from a server using Javascript. Node.js is a new breakthrough that dismissed the statement that javascript is only client-side language.

Because it uses this javascript, Node.js is growing rapidly because its users no longer have to learn the language structure. Every web developer has certainly mastered – at least know – javascript because javascript has been around since 1995 and is commonly used on any website.

In the next few years, not only are php popular, Node.js will be an alternative and a rival that might defeat PHP.

3. The emergence of Web-Based Mobile Applications

Actually, it’s a bit off the mark if we discuss the mobile application. However, nowadays mobile programming cannot be separated from web programming. Currently, platforms and frameworks are starting to emerge that allow us to make mobile applications using HTML5 and javascript, such as the Ionic Framework.

This is certainly a phenomenon that describes the rapid development of web development behind this. Web Based Mobile Apps – cool language – will become a new market in web applications.

4. Ajax Will Continue to Grow

The high use of javascript, with its various libraries certainly causes ajax-style websites (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) to also develop.

Actually, ajax is only one function of many javascript functions. However, its use to create a website that prevents loading pages when processing data is very useful for the interactivity of a website.

5. PHP Native Starts Abandoned

I’m not saying that PHP will be abandoned. PHP will still dominate web development in the next few years, but not in the native form.

The emergence of various frameworks such as CodeIgniter, YII, Laravel and CMS like WordPress and Joomla make using native PHP ineffective. So, at least master at least 1 framework or CMS, if your developer career wants to advance.