Web Design: Tips to Success

These are the 10 things which I think are most important to observe when creating a web site. They are in no particular order of importance:

Popup Window? I’m Leaving!

One of the worst things I have seen on websites, both personal and semiprofessional ones is popup windows! Even on big sites like www.123webmaster.com you get a popup window when you visit. Personally I will usually leave a site with a popup window. They are extremely annoying. If your free web host gives you the option of a banner in a popup window or one at the top of the page choose the one on the page. Even if it makes designing it a bit more difficult and you can’t have as many adverts, so many people hate them it is not worth it. Don’t use them for ‘Top 25 Sites’ either. They are even more annoying than adverts. If … Read the rest

10 Things I Find Important in Web Design

These are the 10 things which I think are most important to observe when creating a web site. They are in no particular order of importance:

I Don’t Like Your Java Clock

Don’t bother putting ‘Eye Candy’ on your site like java clocks and menus with sounds. You might think it makes you look clever, but it doesn’t (unless you wrote the software yourself of course)! Anyone can copy and paste an applet from another website and they usually don’t really improve your site. Some browsers don’t support them either so it really isn’t worth it. Read more about deciding between Technology and Compatibility

Red On Blue Isn’t Good

Not only red text on a blue background but any color (except white) on a black background, light text on white backgrounds and dark text on dark backgrounds don’t work! Especially if you have a lot of text, it is very … Read the rest

Which is More Important – Website Experience or Brand?

As most internet developers already know, there are many different elements involved in building an attractive, user-friendly website that can be used to attract consumers and build recognition of a company’s brand. When it comes to optimization and user experience, functioning and usage of the one will certain affect the other every day of the week. So it would be rather difficult to pinpoint any single most important component of any company’s’ online presence.

Yet it is often heard and read about throughout the business world that brand ownership is more important than website experience. Well, that thought couldn’t be further from the truth! Ask the people who use a company’s website and they would strongly advise that a good user experience is much more beneficial to John Q. Consumer – and ironically such an action will certainly positively impact brand awareness as well.

Brand Ownership

In the online business … Read the rest

Web design expenses: the best price’s offer.

Defining web design:

Web design describes the sum of techniques that lead to creating websites that work well and allow companies and individuals to have a digital presence. These techniques include graphic design, media management and writing content.

Web design services:

Web design is usually handled by web design agencies, Novage communications is one of the best web designers in Singapore. These agencies have packages of services that they offer to their clients. Basically, these services include:

  • Making layouts.
  • Creating Graphic designs.
  • Managing Media (Visual and Audio)
  • Implementing associated applications.

To these services web design companies can add:

  • Updating content
  • Optimizing for search engine.
  • Lead generating
  • Webhosting
  • Pay per click management

Web design agencies are called to be able to handle the tasks whether they are conducting the project from the beginning or they are involved at an advanced stage of the website running or creation. They can also … Read the rest

ScanPST Does Not Repair OST File – Learn How To Fix Easily

Summary: Know how to solve OST file corruption issue in case ScanPST does not repair OST file. In this post, we have discussed the Renew OST file method. In case use fails to solve this issue then the user can take the help of OST Recovery software.

There are many users around the globe who encountered issues while working with OST file, like:

  1. Emails cannot be opened that saved in Offline Storage file.
  2. Synchronization issue with Microsoft Exchange Server.
  3. Cannot access any folder set and unable to view its content.
  4. File corruption or damage issue in Outlook OST data file.

It is certain that when they encountered any problem in Outlook Offline Storage Table (or .ost) file irrespective of their source, they have probably used SCANPST.EXE utility, an inbuilt program offered by Microsoft free of cost.

However, many times, in various instances, ScanPST does not repair OST file (originally called … Read the rest

WordPress Migration: Top Tools and Plugins

There are times when you decide to migrate your website either to change your web host or because of a change in domain, etc. Migrating your website is a critical process since even a small mistake can cause data loss, losing page rank in search results, etc. Therefore, as a site owner, it is important to create a strategic plan for the migration of your website and use the right plugins for migration. In this article, we will look at the top migration plugins for your WordPress website.


Duplicator, by SnapCreek, is a plugin which helps create backups and migrate your WP site with ease. It is available in free and paid versions, Duplicator allows you to duplicate/clone, backup, and migrate your website with no downtime. All the files including your database, plugins, themes, content, etc. are zipped and can be moved anywhere you want.

WP Migrate Database

Read the rest

Blockchain Development-A Complete Guide For Innovators

Blockchain has not been in the world for a very long time but the impact it has left on the world’s technologists in its awe. Blockchain technology is on its way to absolutely change the way we do business. With the fast-paced world and blockchain being incorporated in every industry, if you too are looking for a guide to start with Blockchain app development and make it a part of your business, you’re in the correct spot.

Going by the statistics about the growth of Blockchain where the finance and tech companies alone have invested over a billion dollars in blockchain technology. With the rapid progress in the field, Blockchain app development companies are surfacing all around the world as well.

Blockchain technology started as an obscure technology and today it has the major most chunk of R&D in major government institutions, universities, financial institutions and MNCs. With the help … Read the rest

5 Must-have features of your website

Your website’s primary goal is to drive business. For your business to succeed online, you need to have the right features for visitors to gain trust and interest in your brand. With this in mind, what features help a website stand out? HeartCMS provide web design in Nottingham and the surrounding areas, to ensure that your website gets optimum traffic, and drives an increase in sales for your business. Here are our top five must-have features for your website:

  1. Present Social Media Icons Above The Fold

Above the fold is the term for the upper half of your website – the first thing a visitor will see on your site. It’s imperative to have your social channels in the above the fold section, right where they can immediately be seen. The further down the page a visitor has to scroll, the less likely they are to see your social buttons … Read the rest